East Point Police


Established in 1908, the East Point Police Department consists of patrol units, investigators, personnel and various other support services designed to facilitate the needs of the department and community. Driving goals of the Department are to improve the quality of life for all, strive for continuous improvement on efficiency, effectiveness and accountability to high standards of performance, ethics, and professionalism. The East Point Police Department’s Support Services Division plays an important role in the delivery of police services to the community. This division is responsible for managing administrative functions that support Uniform Patrol and Investigative Services as well as the Reserve Unit. Other responsibilities include jail operations, E-911 Communication Services, property and evidence, records management and permits, crime scene services, community policing unit, building maintenance and fleet maintenance. Field Operations is the most visible division of the East Point Police Department, and it includes Uniformed Patrol and a Traffic Unit.

“When you see something and say something, we do something.”

Uniformed Patrol consists of uniformed men and women that proactively address the needs of the community by means of neighborhood patrols, answering need for service calls, enforcing traffic laws as well as state and local ordinances.

An extension of Uniformed Patrol, the primary focus of the Traffic Unit is to maintain safe roadways by means of strict enforcement of traffic laws, which aids in the detection and deterrence of criminal activity. Other duties of the Traffic Unit include Accident and Hit & Run Investigations, DUI enforcement, VIN verifications and Roadway Traffic Studies.