Boards & Commissions

Appeal of application denial. The city council shall appoint a five-member alcohol appeal board to conduct the hearing from denial of applications or the revocation or suspension of license. Members of the alcohol appeal board shall be residents of the city and shall hold no elected public office nor any other city office or employment. The mayor will appoint one (1) member. The two (2) council members from each ward shall jointly appoint one (1) member for each ward. An appointment to fill a vacancy shall be made by the original appointing authority of the member who formerly held the vacant position. The alcohol appeal board shall select the board’s presiding chair from among its members. The alcohol appeal board members shall serve terms of two (2) years, which terms may be staggered at the discretion of the council.

Provide research, recommendations and best practices regarding potential implementation and solutions surrounding issues of blight and abandoned and vacant property including but not limited to: 50 Worst Properties Program, nuisance ordinances and other related ordinances. Consist of an odd number of members with a maximum number of nine: The Mayor, a maximum of three councilmembers (two minimum), a community representative recommended by the Mayor and confirmed by council. All wards shall be represented. Up to four additional community representatives may serve on the task force; one from each Ward to be nominated by consent of Council Ward Members and confirmed by full council. Volunteers may participate as needed without voting capacity.

The mayor shall appoint annually three (3) council members to a budget and finance committee. The mayor shall also appoint annually to the committee one (1) citizen who has experience in financial matters including budgeting, auditing and forecasting. The mayor shall be an ex officio member of the budget and finance committee and shall have the same voting power and privileges as other council members of the committee. The duties of the budget and finance committee shall be as follows:
(1) All proposed annual budgets shall be submitted by the city manager to the committee for review; (2) The committee shall annually review anticipated revenue projections based on historic data; (3) The committee shall review annually all debt service obligations of the city; (4) The committee shall review annually intergovernmental services expenditures included in proposed budgets; (5) The committee shall prepare annually a five-year anticipated revenue projection and make revisions as necessary; (6) Recommend auditing firm to council following bid process; (7) Review and report on audit report and management letter; (8) Recommend to the council priority program audits to be performed by the city’s auditor; (9) Review policy for handling of all assets; and (10) Review all proposals for bonding and make recommendations to council.

The Civil Service Board of Appeals holds hearings when requested by an employee or an appointing authority on proposed demotions, suspensions without pay, dismissals or other such adverse actions with reference to classified employees. Accepts and has power to make final determinations and dispositions in such matters. Consists of 9 members. Mayor and Council shall designate one member to the board and their term shall run concurrently with the appointing official.

The Cultural Enrichment Commission’s purpose is to promote the development of a comprehensive cultural program in the city. The programs to be developed shall include, but not be limited to, visual arts, fine arts, music, and high technology arts displays. Consists of (9) nine members. Members’ term shall expire when the appointing Council member vacates office.

The Downtown Architectural Review Board (“the Board”) shall review all plans for development in the District for compliance with the standards and shall make recommendations to the Department of Planning and Zoning prior to the approval of the Land Disturbance Permit or Building Permit. The Board shall consist of nine members, with one member nominated by each council member and the Mayor, and approved by the City Council.

The DDA shall consist of seven (7) members of the Board of Directors, each of whom shall be a taxpayer and resident of the City of East Point, or an owner or operator of a business or represent an owner or operator or otherwise have an economic interest in the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown development area and residing in Fulton County with only one of such directors being an elected official of the City of East Point. Term of office shall be four years for those directors appointed or reappointed on or after January 17, 2017. The terms of the Authority member who is also a member of the East Point City Council shall end when such member is no longer a member of the East Point City Council.

Consists of nine (9) members. Mayor and Council shall each designate one member to the Board and their term shall run concurrently with the appointing official. No appointee may serve more than two (2) conservative terms as a member of the board.

The East Point Building Authority was created for the purpose of owing and leasing buildings and other structures for the use and benefit of citizens of the City of East Point, construction and leasing for the same, and for the issuance of bonds in connection therewith, servicing the same, and for all incidental purposes not prohibited by law. Consists of nine (9) members. Each appointee shall serve for a four year term and until their successors have been selected and appointed. Any member of the authority may be selected and appointed to succeed him or herself. All appointments shall be for a term commencing on January 1 and ending December 31. Vacancies filled for unexpired term. Committee was formed by Georgia Law 1983.

Develop and promote trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities in the City of East Point. Consists of (9) nine members. The Initial appointments were for a term ending concurrently with the expiration of the respective Appointing Council Member’s term of office. Thereafter, each successor shall be appointed for a Four Year Term and until his or her successor has been appointed. Any member of the authority may be appointed as successor. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term. Committee was formed by Georgia Law 1975.

The Mayor appoints annually three (3) Council Members to serve for one year. The Mayor shall be an ex-officio member of the human resources committee and shall have the same voting power and privileges as other council members of the committee. The duties of the human resource committee shall include, but not be limited to the following: (1) Developing and implementing an annual performance appraisal of the employees who report directly to the city council; (2) Presenting its recommendations regarding the annual performance appraisal for the council’s concurrence; (3) Receive and make recommendations regarding personnel matters directly pertaining to the employees who report directly to the city council; (4) Any other duties assigned to it by majority vote of council.

The MUA Commission shall study, evaluate, and review the operations and financial performance of any municipal utility owned by the city. The commission will report to the mayor, city council, city manager, and citizens of East Point on its findings and any recommendations that it has to improve the operations and financial performance of such utilities. All employees of the city shall cooperate with the commission in the performance of its official duties. The commission shall not have any operational, management, or governance authority over the municipal utilities but shall act in an advisory role.
Consist of nine (9) members. The Mayor and Council shall have an appointment to the Commission. All members shall be appointed for four-year terms. Committee was formed by new Charter in H.B. 755 in 2007.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our residents through broad-based recreational and cultural opportunities which includes providing well-maintained facilities, acquiring park land, and preserving resources while working in concert with the city’s leadership. Consist of nine (9) nine members and the term of office is Two Years. No member may serve beyond the term of the appointing council member. Committee was formed by City Ordinance in Code Section 9-1051.

The Mayor and Council shall appoint the citizen appointee for the Pension Board who serves for two years. The duty of the Board shall be to see that the provisions of the plan are carried out and that funds are kept separate and to act at all times in the best interest of the participants, plan and trust fund.

Provide comprehensive city planning for development by zoning and to provide subdivision regulation and the like as the city council deems necessary and reasonable to ensure a safe, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing community.

The Public Art Commission shall consist of nine (9) members who are either residents and/or employees (active or retired) of and/or business owners in the City of East Point. Public Art Commission members shall be appointed by the City Council through a formal application process. All members shall be either of acknowledged accomplishment in one (1) or more of the following fields and demonstrated a deep interest and appreciation of cultural and artistic activities: Architecture, Art criticism, Art history, Choreography, Crafts, Drama, Landscape Architecture, Literature, Music, Painting, Photography, Sculpture. The Commission’s functions and duties include, but are not limited to: Encourage the full artistic life of the City’s culturally diverse community and the beautification of the City; Develop and periodically update the pubic art program policies and guidelines for City Council review and approval; Advise the City Council on appropriate policies and procedures for the distribution of City funding for the arts and make recommendations to the Council respecting grants and other funding to arts organizations; Advise the City Council in coordination with appropriate boards and commissions on all matters related to public art, including the acquisition and placement of works of art as well as the maintenance, removal, relocation or alteration of existing works of art in the City’s possession, and perform all duties with respect to the public art program; Develop an annual public art work plan for the upcoming year and submit this Plan to the City Manager for review and approval as a part of the fiscal year budget adopted by City Council.