Traffic Control Box Art Wrap Project – City of East Point

Entry Deadline: 4/07/23
Application Open
Contest Entry Form

Artwork Sample Requirements:
Designs | Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5
Total Samples | Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5

Contest Details: Traffic Control Box Art Wrap –
City of East Point Central District
East Point City Hall – 2757 East Point Street

Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Statewide
State: Georgia
Budget: $750 per selected artist design.
Contact Email:

The City of East Point seeks applications for artworks/designs that can be reproduced as vinyl wraps and applied to up to thirty-one (31) traffic control boxes throughout East Point. Selected student, emerging, and professional artists will be paid $750 per design for an approved final design and licensing rights that will enable the City to reproduce the design on one or multiple traffic control boxes in the City. This opportunity is open to visual artists, illustrators, designers and otherwise creative individuals working in any medium, as long as the final artwork can be translated and digitally reproduced on a three-dimensional vinyl wrap.

The goal of the project is to create a design that represents the City of East Point’s identity as a warm and inviting environment that celebrates and embraces a diverse and culturally rich population while also enhancing East Point’s public spaces by adding vibrant works of art to utilitarian surfaces that are in high visibility areas. These pieces of public art will enhance the visual character of our city, promote community dialogue, turn ordinary spaces into community landmarks that are accessible to everyone.

Artists skilled in any arts medium, whether it be painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, animation, etc are invited to participate. Artists can submit up to fifteen (5) images for consideration. While not required, the City prefers to review and select designs that have been placed in a traffic control box template to demonstrate how all sides of the box have been taken into consideration.

To  submit your work successfully, please be sure to follow the below instructions to meet the criteria before uploading your image file(s):

  • File Size: JPEG or JG only
  • File Dimension: 1,200 pixels or greater on the longest size
  • File Size: Under 5MB
  • Color Profile: sRGB

Selected artists will be shortlisted and required to submit the selected design(s) directly to the City with the following specs (City criteria):

  • File Dimensions: 44”W x 70”H front and back of traffic control box / 28” W X 32” right and left sides of the box.
  • Resolution: 300 DPI (scale image/required) or 150 DPI (full size image/accepted)
  • File Type: EPS, .AI, .PSD or PDF if this is a full-size image.


The design’s theme and medium are open to the artist’s vision but must be family-friendly and suitable for the public realm and integrate the front, back, sides, and top of the box to capture the interest of those that drive, ride, and walk by. The design should represent the City of East Point’s identity as a warm and inviting environment that celebrates and embraces a diverse and culturally rich population. We also require that the designs to be unique to the City and not have been previously utilized in other places.

Dimensions and Locations of Traffic Control Boxes:

– The boxes are of various dimensions. The contractor that is going to be hired to print and install the vinyl wrap will be responsible for measuring each utility box and working with the City and the artists on the design template to fit each box. Regardless of the specific box size, artists must keep in mind that the design must look good on all four sides of the traffic control box. A traffic control box template is provided in Exhibit B.

– The locations of the 31 traffic control boxes that are being considered for this project are identified in the document attached.

-A standard box template is provided in a link above (artists should demonstrate how the design would be incorporated into the box)

-The wraps are intended to last at least 5 years but may be removed at any time at the discretion of the City. While the City will aim to remove any tagging or vandalism, deterioration may occur and thus the City cannot guarantee that the wrap will be restored to its original condition.

Wrap Design Guidelines:

Designs must be appropriate for display in public spaces and viewing by a general audience.

Designs should not aim to blend into the surrounding streetscape, but should stand out artistically to the passers by.

Designs cannot include political or religious content; any breach of intellectual property; trademarks; images of illegal activity; advertisements; logos; signage; promotion of any business, organization, individual, or product; or involve the attachment of objects to the boxes.

Designs must be family-friendly and unique to the City of East Point

All designs will be subject to review and approval by staff.

As many as thirty-one (31) artists can be selected for this project.  Experience in vinyl wraps or public art is NOT required. All artists will be required to submit design proposals for initial review, selection, and approval by the City’s staff and review panel. Once selected, artists will work with City staff and the City’s selected printing company to make any necessary revisions to the design prior to printing. The final artwork must be submitted as a high quality digital file to the exact specifications provided by City staff.

If the artwork is not inherently a digital file, artist must submit a high resolution scan or photograph of the work, suitable for use. However, if the Artwork does not maintain acceptable quality when digitally enhanced and the issue cannot be resolved, the City has the right to reject the Artwork and be released from any obligation to compensate the artist.  Selected Artists will be compensated after the Artwork is submitted to the City in the final template and resolution requested to the City’s satisfaction. The artist is not responsible for printing and installation of the traffic control box art wraps. The specific location of the traffic control boxes will be assigned by the City.

Artists will be required to sign a Letter of Understanding granting the City reproduction rights to the Artwork. The artist will retain the copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the Artwork, but will grant the City, unlimited, perpetual, and irrevocable right to use or reproduce the Artwork in any non-commercial manner or media whatsoever. Designs must be unique and the artist submitting the designs must be the creator and owner of the Artwork and possess all copyrights and custody of the original work and therefore have not copied, reproduced in any way, or otherwise infringed upon anyone else’s intellectual property rights.

Traffic Control Box Art Wrap Examples