Public Works

The Department of Public Works consists of the following divisions: Administration, Building and Grounds, Fleet Maintenance, Roads & Drainage and Transportation.

The Administration Division consisting of the Director, Office Manager and Administrative Clerk supports directives of the City of East Point, coordinates and oversees the daily operations of the Department. Building & Grounds, Fleet and Roads & Drainage Divisions are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of city owned vehicle and equipment, city roadways and maintain areas within the city right of way (ROW). The Transportation Division coordinates and manages all roadway projects consisting of TSPLOST, Federal Grants and Georgia Department of Transportation.

Mission Statement

Public Works provides quality essential services to the citizens of East Point in a prompt, courteous, safe, efficient and cost-effective manner with the goal of providing a quality of life in our neighborhoods and the City. Public Works, through its dedicated employees, strives to plan, design, build, maintain and operate public infrastructure in a manner that respects the environment and the ability of government to adequately preserve these assets for succeeding generations.


The staff supports staff directives of the City of East Point and the other divisions within the Public Works Department. Duties also include administrative support for the head of the department.

Did You Know?
  • The Citywide Leaf Vacuum Collection Program runs from the first week in October to last week in February of the 12 month calendar year.
  • Storm Water Flood Plain Management, Flood Insurance and Construction Site Inspection information is handled through the Storm Water Division.
  • Solid Waste Division operates the “Bulk Amnesty Week Pickup” twice a year in the spring and fall.