What is the Right-of-Way (ROW)? 

In general, for road maintenance purposes, the ROW is the buffer area that extends beyond the road surface and includes all elements of the roadway (i.e., sidewalks, guardrails, trails, signs) as well as any public utilities. The buffer width and actual distance from the curb/road centerline varies. 

Right of Way-ROW
What is allowed in the Right-of-Way area of my property?

Often during maintenance or during new construction projects items within the right-of-way are often removed or relocated that are on areas of properties. These include trees, landscaping, signs, and driveways. City Ordinance prohibits planting or replanting any tree within ten (10) feet of any street or sidewalk or public driveway within the city. (Sec. 8-1034).   

The figure below shows a list of items that are allowed in the Right-of-Way area of properties.