Water Line Maintenance

The Water and Sewer Department is committed to providing the best possible water service to our customers. Our water consistently meets all federal and state standards. Waterline Maintenance operations is proactive in performing continual evaluation and rehabilitation of the water system. A comprehensive program of on-going investigation and preventative maintenance maximizes system performance and is more economical than expensive and inconvenient emergency repairs. The Water Line Maintenance Division is responsible for both scheduled preventative maintenance and emergency repairs to the City’s 164-miles of water distribution mains.

Consisting of only 10 employees, the Water Line Maintenance Division’s responsibilities include maintaining:

  • Water mains
  • Fire hydrants
  • Valves
  • Customer water service lines
Emergency Repairs

One of the responsibilities of the Water Line Maintenance Division is to perform emergency repairs to water transmission mains, individual water services, broken fire hydrants, leaking valves, broken meter vaults and any other part of the distribution system that fails.

Despite our best efforts to maintain the system, pipes deteriorate on the inside from water corrosion and on the outside from moisture, shifting earth and tree roots. The need for repair may surface by way of loss of water pressure, a water leak, or by poor water quality. Fire hydrants may fail due to frequent use, being struck in traffic accidents and vandalism.

Scheduled Maintenance

In an effort to provide the highest quality water to our customers, the Water Line Maintenance Division performs routine, scheduled maintenance on the water distribution system. This work includes water main flushing, water valve exercising and fire hydrant servicing.