All properties located within the designated SFHA on a community’s Flood Insurance Rate Map are subject to state and local regulations. However, prior to undertaking any reconstruction, rehabilitation, additions or other activities a builder must secure the necessary permits from the city’s Water and Sewer Department.  Always check with the city before you build, alter, re-grade, or making any necessary improvements to your property. A permit may be needed to ensure that projects do not cause problems on other properties. If you see unauthorized work activity without a city permit posted, call (404) 765-1144 to report your concern.

Elevation Certificates

East Point also maintains elevation certificates for some properties in the floodplain
The elevation certificates are posted on-line by street address. For additional information, call (404) 270-7130.

  • 1840 Neely Avenue
  • 2451 Headline Drive
  • 2595 Piney Wood Lane
  • 2624 Rolling Brook Trail
  • 2820 Duke of Gloucester
  • 3262 Golden Drive
  • 3503 Camp Creek Parkway
  • 3637 Lake Estates Way
  • 3639 Lake Estates Way
  • 3641 Lake Estates Way
  • 3643 Lake Estates Way
  • 4241 Sun Valley Blvd