Sewer Line Maintenance

The Sewer Line Maintenance Division is responsible for both scheduled preventative maintenance and emergency repairs to the City’s 153-miles of wastewater collection pipelines and 3400 manholes.

Maintenance and repairs of the City’s collection system include the following:

  • Sewer line cleaning
  • Line inspection
  • Line maintenance
  • Line repairs
  • New installations

We inspect and test waste water collection systems to prevent infiltration from developing and to correct any existing inflow into the system. The existence of leaks in the waste water collection system is a serious and often expensive problem.

Leaks in the collection system can allow ground water to infiltrate and take up valuable space needed for sewage. If too much infiltration occurs, the collection system can overflow causing raw waste water to back up into the streets where it pollutes the soil and ground water. After areas with high levels of infiltration are located, a field verification of the problem is required to be conducted using visual inspection, smoke testing, dye testing and/or TV inspection.

It may sound odd, but the “cleaning” of a waste water collection system helps it function as intended and minimizes the number of line blocks, odor complaints and lift station failures. New construction or line installations consist of installing new service lines and man holes located on private property or streets and main lines or man holes located in easements, alleyways and streets.