Environmental Compliance

The build-up of FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) in the sewer system causes sewer blockages. This eventually results in sewer backups that can overflow onto streets and into homes, damaging property and the environment. Untreated sewage can flow into storm drain inlets, creeks, lakes or rivers. Most overflows are relatively small and can be stopped and cleaned up quickly. If not addressed, overflows can result in property damage, strong odors, and environmental, health and safety problems. In neighborhoods that experience sewer blockages and backups due to fats, oils and grease sewer system maintenance is expensive and can contribute to increasing costs for sewer service.

Did you know that approximately 85 percent of grease-related sewer blockages and overflows originate in residential areas? All households play an important role in preventing neighbourhood sewer system blockages. East Point’s goal is to take a proactive approach to pollution prevention which focuses on proper FOG disposal, thus protecting the environment and decreasing sewer maintenance costs.

The Garbage Disposal is a wonderful invention, but did you know some food waste (dairy, meats) is not meant to go down your kitchen drain? After cooking, simply pour the excess FOG into a jar and toss it into the trash. If you’re feeling super resourceful, try reusing the oil! Most fats and oils are reusable at least once more as long as they are kept refrigerated between uses. You can also take FOG to several Fulton County transfer and recycling centers.

Environmental Compliance registers all Generators (hotels, schools, daycares, carwash, automotive maintenance, churches, industrial facilities) that have or are required to install a grease, oil/water separator or sand grit interceptor. The application to register a grease, oil/water device or sand grit can be found in “Payments & Forms” under the Water & Sewer Department. Permitted Generators are monitored through a system of manifest reporting, as well as routine inspection visits by Environmental Compliance Personnel.


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