Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control Program

The City of East Point administers a program of surveying, inspection, and testing of all backflow prevention devices and assemblies within the City of East Point water distribution systems. This Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program is ongoing in nature and was devised and implemented with security of the potable water supply and the health of our citizens in mind. Accordingly, this program was created and is administered by the City of East Point, in conjunction with the State of Georgia Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency. This program, and its terms and conditions, are in place to illustrate the requirements for installation of approved backflow devices or assemblies, and the related responsibilities for regular maintenance, inspection and testing. A vital part of this program is the annual inspection and testing of all backflow assemblies by a State of Georgia certified tester with test results being forwarded to the City of East Point Backflow Prevention/Cross Connection Program.


Backflow Prevention Test
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