Dodson Drive Resurfacing Project Update

The City will begin resurfacing several street including Headland Drive, McAlphine Terrace, Cheviot Glen, and Bonnybrook Way starting Monday, October 28, 2019. Throughout construction, traffic control will be provided to ensure safety for motorists and pedestrians.

This resurfacing is a part of the “Dodson Dr Resurfacing Project”.  Updates will be provided throughout the project to provide notice of where work will be actively occurring.

The full list of streets included in the project are:

  • Arlington Road (Washington Rd to Potomac Dr)
  • Ben Hill ( Headland to City Limit)
  • Ben Hill Avenue (Charles Dr to Leigh Circle)
  • Ben Hill Dr ( Patching)
  • Bonnybrook Way (Headland Dr to City Limits)
  • Calmer Circle (Charles Dr to Charles Dr)
  • Caroll Court (Charles Dr to Dead End)
  • Carriage Way (Charles Dr to Washington Rd)
  • Charles Drive (Washington Rd to Dead End)
  • Cherry Laurel Lane S.W. (Connally Dr to City Limits)
  • Chesapeake Way (Arlington Rd to Potomac Dr)
  • Cheviot Glen (Cul-de-sac to Headland Drive)
  • Church St ( Washington Rd to W Forrest)
  • Dejarnette Dr (Meadow Lark Dr to Dead End)
  • Delowe Dr ( Delowe Stanton Access Rd to Ellenwood Dr)
  • Delowe Dr Washington Rd to Montrose Dr)
  • Dodson Dr (Dodson Dr Connector to SR 166)
  • Dodson Dr Connector ( Dodson Dr to Washington Rd)
  • Dodson Lee Drive (Dodson Dr to Dead End)
  • Dodson Terrace (Washington Rd to West Rugby Av)
  • Headland Dr (City Limits to Paul D West) – Phase 1 Resurfacing
  • Leigh Circle (Charles Dr to Charles Dr)
  • Leith Ave (Plantation Dr to Delowe Dr)
  • Maxwell Dr (Headland to City Limit)
  • McAlpine Drive (Cul-de-sac to Headland)
  • Meadow Lark Dr (Rolling Brook Trl to Hogan Rd)
  • Mount Olive Road (Washington Rd to Dead End)
  • Philadelphia Place (Dead End to Arlington Rd)
  • Revere Court (Dead End to Arlington Rd)
  • Rolling Brook Trail (Dodson Dr to Dead End)
  • Spain Drive (Dodson Lee Dr to Dead End)
  • Stoneview Terrace (Mt. Olive Rd to Dead End)
  • West Potomac Drive (Arlington Rd to Washington Rd)


For more information on this project please contact Cadell Hall, Engineer II, at (404) 669-4321 or