East Point Police Department Conducts Safe Prom Campaign

On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, the East Point Police Department in partnership with Tri-Cities High School conducted a Safe Prom Campaign at Tri-Cities High School. This campaign educates high school students attending Prom about the consequences of drinking and driving. Students wore DUI Googles to participate in an Alcohol Impairment Simulation to experience the potential dangers of alcohol impairment. Students then watched a demonstration by the East Point Fire Department on how they extract people from vehicles involved in alcohol related crashes using the “Jaws of life.” Drama students from Tri-Cities High School performed a funeral scene with a casket to show students how fatalities from drinking and driving can affect friends and families. Lastly, Municipal Court Chief Judge Rashida Oliver spoke to students about the legal consequences of drinking and driving. The East Point Police Department has conducted this Safe Prom Campaign for students at Tri-Cities High School since 2006.

(Photo 1 is of the Alcohol Impairment Simulation)
(Photo 2 is of the Fire Department’s extraction on a vehicle)
(Photo 3 is of the funeral portrayed by Drama students at Tri-Cities High School)
(Photo 4 is Judge Rashida Oliver speaking to students)