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East Point Police

“When you see something and say something, we do something.”

East Point Police

2727 East Point Street
East Point, GA 30344

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Engaging the Community and Solving Problems

Established in 1908, the East Point Police Department consists of patrol units, investigators, personnel and various other support services designed to facilitate the needs of the department and community. Driving goals of the Department are to improve the quality of life for all, strive for continuous improvement on efficiency, effectiveness and accountability to high standards of performance, ethics, and professionalism. The East Point Police Department’s Support Services Division plays an important role in the delivery of police services to the community. This division is responsible for managing administrative functions that support Uniform Patrol and Investigative Services as well as the Reserve Unit. Other responsibilities include jail operations, E-911 Communication Services, property and evidence, records management and permits, crime scene services, community policing unit, building maintenance and fleet maintenance. Field Operations is the most visible division of the East Point Police Department, and it includes Uniformed Patrol and a Traffic Unit.

The East Point Police Department has partnered with the Neighbors app to monitor Ring Doorbells when a crime is reported.
Here is how EPPD can gain access to your video:

  • Citizens post the video on the Neighbors App
  • When crime is reported in the area, EPPD sends out a request on the app in which the citizen has to approve and send the video.

You can also report crime by calling 911 or the non-emergency number (404) 761-2177.
The Neighbors app is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.

Crime Statistics

The East Point Police Department participates in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program that has been in existence since 1930, and is comprised of more than 17,000 participates from local, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies. The UCR Program provides law enforcement agencies with the necessary data to plan, formulate budgets, allocate resources and assess police operations in an effort to address various crime problems. Statistics gathered from the UCR Program are also used by other public and private sectors, including legislators who use the data to draft bills to address crime. Additionally, businesses utilize the information to determine how crime impacts the geographical areas of their respective establishment. Visit to learn more about the UCR Program.

The FBI warns against using UCR data to rank and/or evaluate any given jurisdiction on the effectiveness of its law enforcement agency. Crime is influenced by a variety of factors, including population density, economic conditions, policies of other components of the criminal justice system and attitudes of citizens concerning crime.

Utilize the links below to access East Point Police Department Part 1 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics.

Weekly Crime Statistics
Monthly Crime Statistics
Uniformed Patrol

Uniformed Patrol consists of uniformed men and women that proactively address the needs of the community by means of neighborhood patrols, answering need for service calls, enforcing traffic laws as well as state and local ordinances.

Support Services

The Support Services Division manages administrative functions that support Uniform Patrol and Investigative Services. The responsibilities of the Support Services Division include jail operations, E-911 Communication Services, property and evidence, records management and permits, crime scene services, community policing unit, building maintenance and fleet maintenance. In addition, the reserve unit is assigned to the Support Services Division.

While the personnel in the Support Services Division is not as visible as our uniformed personnel, these individuals play an equally important role in the delivery of police services to the community.

Code Enforcement is a division under the East Point Police Department. The City’s Code Enforcement Officers help resolve code violations in the City to create a safer and healthier community for all. Their efforts help to attract more residents and businesses to the City. The City’s Code Enforcement Office is located in the East Point Law Enforcement Building located at 2727 East Point Street in East Point, Georgia. Click here to view all City Ordinances.

Contact Information

Code Complaint Line: (404) 559-6270

  • Code Supervisor Deberry – (404) 559-6268
  • Code Officer Carter – (404) 559-6273
  • Code Officer Mitchell – (404) 559-6267
  • Code Officer McGee – (404) 559-6371
  • Code Officer Brown – (404) 559-6383

The East Point E 9-1-1 Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dispatchers work 8 hour shifts providing around the clock dispatching services for police, fire, and public works. The E 9-1-1 Center provides support and routes calls for medical emergencies to paramedic services and coordinates joint responses when needed.

The E 9-1-1 Communications Center is staffed to provide both emergency and non-emergency police and fire services for in a professional and expedient manner. Dispatchers are almost always the first contact the public has with the Police or Fire Department. They are required to evaluate and prioritize the incoming calls for service, and make referrals to other agencies when appropriate. They are responsible for dispatching calls for service to police officers and fire personnel, tracking the location of field units and monitoring their safety. Each call received is entered into a Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). In a years’ time, Communications Dispatchers handles over 68,000 incoming phone calls. Of those, more than 22,000 were high priority calls.

In addition to dispatching, dispatchers also process paperwork to be forwarded to the Georgia Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center which includes entries of look outs for wanted persons; missing or endangered persons, runaways, stolen and recovered property to include firearms, stolen and recovered abandoned vehicles; lost, stolen and found guns; and verifying whether property submitted to pawn shops are stolen, and much more.

The East Point Municipal Jail operates with a minimum of three jailers per shift. The East Point Jail has a total capacity of 109 inmates. Inmates who are charged with state offenses are transported to the Fulton County Jail.

Attorney Visitation

Attorneys may visit their clients from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. Valid identification and a Bar card must be presented before the visit.


Visitation hours are on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
*Days & Times of visitation are subject to change depending on staffing & security issues.
*Inmates must complete four full days in jail before they are allowed visitors.

The Records and Identification Section is responsible for the processing of crime scenes, fingerprinting services, inmate processing, and maintains all incident and accident report files.

Police Reports

Police Accident and Incident Reports can be obtained from the Records and Identification Section, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The Records and Identification Section also provides various other services to the public, such as fingerprinting, criminal background checks, and various permits.

For more information regarding the services provided by the Records and Identification Section, please call (404) 559-6238.

Traffic Unit

An extension of Uniformed Patrol, the primary focus of the Traffic Unit is to maintain safe roadways by means of strict enforcement of traffic laws, which aids in the detection and deterrence of criminal activity. Other duties of the Traffic Unit include Accident and Hit & Run Investigations, DUI enforcement, VIN verifications and Roadway Traffic Studies.

Contact Us

Chief Shawn Buchanan

Chief of Police


(404) 559-6200
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