Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoning Division reviews plans for new development for compliance with the zoning ordinance, provides applications for variances, rezoning and special use permits, provides information on the current zoning of property and reviews completed applications submitted through the Plan Review Process for consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council. Planning & Zoning Brochure

Council Presentation Handout – March 2014

This division also conducts land use studies, develops future land use plans, prepares demographic information, utilizes Geographic Information  Systems (GIS) to prepare thematic maps, creates open space plans, drafts development ordinances and performs other planning duties as needed.

Please peruse the documents below for your application:

2011-2016 Short Term Work Program

Approved 2011-2016 STWP Resolution
Adopted 2011-2016 STWP

Community Assessment
Final Draft – September 2011

Community Assessment Document
Technical Appendix
Market Assessment

Public Participation

Process Agenda
2011-08-08 Participation Plan
2011-09-12 Participation Plan
Public Involvement Schedule

Community Agenda


ADOPTED 2009 Zoning Code & Development Regulations

Official Zoning District Map
Zoning District Chart

2005 Adopted Livable Centers Initiative Study

Final Report
Final Market Analysis