Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoning Division reviews plans for new development for compliance with the zoning ordinance, provides applications for variances, rezoning and special use permits, provides information on the current zoning of property and reviews completed applications submitted through the Plan Review Process for consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council. Planning & Zoning Brochure

Council Presentation Handout – March 2014

This division also conducts land use studies, develops future land use plans, prepares demographic information, utilizes Geographic Information  Systems (GIS) to prepare thematic maps, creates open space plans, drafts development ordinances and performs other planning duties as needed.

Please peruse the documents below for your application:

Official Zoning & Development Regulations

Table of Contents
Article I – Adoption
Article II – Validity
Article III – Conflicting Resolutions Repealed
Article IV – Effective Date
Chapter I – Planning & Zoning Commission

Zoning Ordinance

Chapter II – Zoning Regulations
Article A Definitions
Article B General Provisions
Article C Zoning Text, District Classifications and …
Article D Administrative Permits and Use Permits
Article E Off Street Parking and Loading
Article F Violation and Penalty
Article G Plans and Inspections
Article H Reserved
Article I Appeals
Article J Rezoning and Other Amendment Procedures
Article K Interpretation, Conflict and Enforcement
Article L Community Zoning Information Meeting
Appendix A

Development Regulations

Chapter III – Building Regulations
Chapter IV – Subdivision Regulations
Chapter V – Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter VI – Tree Protection and Landscaping
Chapter VII – Signs
Chapter VIII – Uniform Roadway Addressing System
Chapter IX – Condition and Use of Commercial and …
Chapter X – Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Chapter XI – Stormwater Management
Chapter XII – Stream Buffer Protection
Chapter XIII – Enterprise Zone
Chapter XIV – Overlay Districts
Chapter XV – Cemetery Preservation

East Point Corridors Tax Allocation District

East Point Corridors Redevelopment Plan
East Point Corridors TAD Map
East Point Corridors TAD FAQ

East Point 2026 Comprehensive Plan & Maps

Community Assessment
Community Agenda
Community Participation
Existing Land Use
Future Development Map
Character Areas
Areas Requiring Special Attention
Future Land Use
Current Zoning Map