Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is an appointed body who reviews planning and development projects and hold meetings open to the public. The Planning and Zoning Commission is tasked with deciding variance cases and making recommendations on rezoning, special use permit and text amendments which are forwarded to City Council who ultimately grants final approval.

Planning & Zoning Commission Board Members

The Planning and Zoning Commission board is comprised of nine members:

  • Shean Atkins, Chair
    (Appointed by Councilmember Karen Renee)
  • William Miller, Vice-Chair
    (Appointed by Councilmember Thomas Calloway)
  • Joel Tucker
    (Appointed by Mayor Deana Holiday-Ingraham)
  • Jarrett Bell
    (Appointed by Councilmember Nanette Saucier)
  • Gregory Fann
    (Appointed by Councilmember Alexander Gothard)
  • LaJeanna McKnight
    (Appointed by Councilmember Stephanie Gordon)
  • Patricia Lovett
    (Appointed by Councilmember Sharon Shropshire)
  • Willard Maxwell
    (Appointed by Councilmember Myron Cook)
  • Clyde Mitchell
    (Appointed by Councilmember Joshua Butler)
Commission Meeting and Commission Work Session Information

All meetings are held at: 2757 East Point Street, East Point, GA 30344
2020 Public Hearing Meeting Calendar (CZIM, Planning and Zoning, City Council)

Commission Meetings are held on the
3rd Thursday of each month at 7 PM 
City Council Chambers, First Floor
2757 East Point Street, East Point, GA 30344

Commission Work Sessions are held on the
2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM
Conference Room, Ground Floor
2757 East Point Street, East Point, GA 30344

Community Zoning Information Meeting (CZIM)

The CZIM is an informal meeting that allows an applicant who is requesting a rezone, special use permit, variance and/or zoning modification to present their project to all citizens and stakeholders who may have interest in their project. The filing deadline to have an application placed on the CZIM agenda is the first Friday of each month.

The CZIM is established for the following:

  1. Allow applicants an opportunity to present their applications;
  2. Allow the citizens of East Point opportunities to review all applications submitted and ask questions of the applicant and express any preliminary concerns;
  3. Provide for a standard meeting location, day and time; and
  4. Allow issues and concerns to be addressed in a public forum in the presence of citizens, staff and any other City staff in attendance.

CZIM is held on the 2nd Tuesday immediately following the filing deadline from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
Conference Room, Ground Floor*
2757 East Point Street, East Point, GA 30344

*If the number of citizens attending CZIM exceeds the number of seats available in the ground floor conference room then the meeting is held in the City Council Chambers, First Floor.

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