Planning & Community Development: Permits

The Permits Division efficiently coordinates permit issuance and plan review processes regarding renovations, tenant build-outs and new construction development activities in the City of East Point.

Homeowners, licensed contractors and/or agents may apply for a permit. All permits require a completed application, the applicant’s credentials and payment of fees. Completed applications and permit fees may be accepted at
2757 East Point Street, East Point, Georgia 30344, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM.
Fees are due at the time of submittal; they are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Permit & Plan Review Status

After an application has been submitted, the Department of Planning and Community Development reviews the request. Some permits can be issued the same day; however, permits requiring a submittal of drawings typically go through a review process and the permit will be issued later after approval. The applicant can check the plan review status online (link below).
Plan Review Status Interactive Map


Concept Review Application
Land Development Permit (LDP) Application Packet


Building Permit Application (Commercial or Residential)
Decks, Porches, Ramps, Steps, Gables
Driveways, Walkways, Parking Pads, Carports
Electrical Permit Application

Fire Alarm (plans required)

Fences & Exterior Walls
Fire Interior or Building Interior Demolition
Siding (Only)

(with Infill Survey and Public Participation Forms)

HVAC/Mechanical Permit Application
Grease Hoods
Plumbing Permit Application

Grease Traps (plans required)
Sprinkler (plans required)

Retaining Wall


Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Occupancy – Commercial
Certificate of Occupancy – Residential


Garage Sale / Yard Sale
Temporary Storage Units / PODS
Tree Removal

Administrative Permits

Application A: Special Event (Large – More than 2,000 attendees)

Application B: Amateur Radio Antenna, Amateur Radio Support Structure, Amateur Radio Tower, Classroom (Temporary), Club, Golf Course, Parking (Off-Site, Shared), Recreational Court (Private or Public), Relocated Residence, Revival Tent, Roadside Business (Produce Stands or Vending Carts), Seasonal Business, Special Event (Small – Less than 2,000 attendees), Swimming Pool (Private or Public), Temporary Structure, Utility Substations, Veterinary Clinic/Hospital or Kennel

Film Production
Food Truck


Government Issued I.D.
Homeowner’s Affidavit
Homeowners Insurance
Authorized Agent Form
(if applying on behalf of contractor)

Licensed Contractors*

Bond Form or Waiver:
GC Bond $25K
Tradesmen Bond $10K
Waiver Packet
GA Business License
Government Issued I.D.
Authorized Agent Form
(if applying on behalf of contractor)
State License

*General Contractors, Electricians, HVAC/Mechanical, Plumbers, etc.

Specialty Contractors*

GA Business License
Government Issued I.D.
Authorized Agent Form
(if applying on behalf of contractor)

*Roofing, Concrete, Fencing, etc.

For Commercial



Permit Application
Submittal Form

Plans drawn and stamped by a design professional, architect or engineer

Restaurants, hotels or places selling food will need approval from the Fulton County Health Department

For Residential


Permit Application
Submittal Form
Survey or Site Plan (for exterior work)

Plans drawn to scale for interior work: Refer to Residential Submittal Guidelines

If proposing new siding or addition to structure, see Residential Infill and Compatibility Survey

Electrical Load Calculation

For Residential

(New Construction)

Permit Application
Submittal Form
Site Plan (for exterior work)

Plans drawn and stamped by a design professional, architect or engineer for interior and exterior work

Residential Infill and Compatibility Survey