Things To See

Dick Lane Velodrome

The Dick Lane Velodrome was inspired by a group of residents and city officials who visited the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. It was one of only two veledromes in the United States when it was constructed in 1974, and served as a training facility for the 1996 Olympic Games. Currently, the Dick Lane Veledrome is the second steepest concrete track in the country, and one of the most unique in the world! It hosts three Pro-Race Series events annually featuring world class athletes and former Olympians! Learn More

Downtown East Point

The Downtown District is important to the entire community for reasons related to tax base, community heritage, tourism, public and private investments, community identity and it provides a central gathering place. Downtown is a “place” for everyone. Come and see the past embracing the present, while emerging into the future full of vibrancy and diversity. Whether you are shopping, opening a business, enjoying a lunch, or taking a stroll, you will find Downtown East Point full of warmth and character – the essential core of our community. Learn More

East Point Historical Society

Explore East Point’s vibrant history at the East Point Historical Society. Located at 1685 Norman Berry Drive, the historical society features a variety of historic documents and items, including an abundance of photos, artifacts, newspapers, yearbooks and a retired train, which is on display. Public tours are available by appointment, and admission is free. Learn More

Georgia Sports Park

The Georgia Sports Park is a privately owned multi-sport field complex with six international competition quality fields (16 fields are planned for this site at full build-out). The fields are owned and operated by the Georgia Soccer Development Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You can make reservations to host a sporting event or checkout the schedule to watch a game. Learn More