Billing Information

We will read your meter, compute usage, and bill you monthly. There is a base rate for all residential services, which includes electrical, garbage, water, and sewer services. Bills are also generated on active accounts with no usage.

The City of East Point has 18 billing cycles, all of which are arranged geographically in an effort to make the Customer Care meter reading system as efficient as possible. Billing dates are determined by the service location. The billing date will vary no more than three or four days during billing cycles. Contact Customer Care to inquire about the amount of your bill if you do not receive it.

There is a standard industry fee of $3.00 assessed to all accounts for Customer Care developments and upgrades. Periodically, fees will be increased to cover rising industry costs for the production of services. The $3.00 charge is assessed every month and was approved by East Point City Council per the 2014 Budget.
*Please note the City of East Point will no longer assess fees for online or telephone services.

The environmental cost is an increase or decrease in rates that are charged to recover capital, operating and maintenance costs associated with government mandated environmental costs. These rates charged to electric utility customers may be increased or decreased in an amount per kWh through an environmental compliance cost recovery rider.

In keeping with sound financial management practices, the City’s policy ensures that its utilities are operated in a fiscally sound manner, and as such to make environmental compliance cost recovery adjustments, as necessary, to pass on compliance costs for federal mandates to utility customers.

The City of East Point offers customers E-Notification Billing, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.
Please contact Customer Care at (404) 270-7010 to sign up for E-Notification Billing, change your email address and/or to verify your email address is on file.

Our meter readers use a hand-held computer to enter meter readings. This device may ask for verification if the consumption appears to be abnormally high or low. Meter reading accuracy is monitored and is consistently over 99%.

The monthly PCA Rider in cents per kilowatt (kWh) shall represent the difference between total East Point Power costs (including wholesale power, distribution system operations and maintenance, administrative charges, transfers and allocations paid to East Point’s general fund), and total East Point Power revenues (including sales of electricity and other operating receipts) divided by the total kWh hour sold to customers served under tariffs subject to such power cost adjustment (PCA). Application of this rider is at the sole discretion of the City of East Point. Applicable tariffs include residential, general service and small, medium and large power.

The City of East Point is offering year round open enrollment for the Senior Citizen Utility Discount Program, which provides a $7.00 per month discount on electric service for one senior residential account.

Eligible seniors must continually meet all of the following criteria:

  • Participant must be the named residential account holder.
  • 65 years old or older with an income not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars per year ($15,000).
  • Senior Citizen account holder must be a full time resident of the location where utility services are provided.
  • Account must remain in good standing with no overdue balance. Any billing cycle for which there accrues or remains an overdue balance will not have the senior discount applied.
  • Senior Citizen Account holder must provide evidence of continued residency and qualification by January 1st of every year to continue eligibility for the senior discount.
  • Interested parties may enroll in the program at the Customer Care Department, 2791 East Point Street or Jefferson Station, 1526 East Forrest Avenue. For more information call (404) 270-7010.