RFP 2020-1716 Contract for Professional Environmental Consultant for Implementation and …

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RFP 2020-1716
Contract for Professional Environmental Consultant for Implementation and Management of …
Professional Services
09/27/2019 3:00 PM

The City of East Point, Georgia, is hereby soliciting sealed proposals from financially stable, experienced, qualified professional environmental consulting firms who are interested in entering into a multi-year contract with the City of East Point to assist the City with the implementation and management of an Environmental Protection Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “EPA”) Brownfield Assessment Grant.

The City is in receipt of a Fiscal Year 2019 EPA Community-wide Brownfield Assessment Grant.  Due to the award of this grant, the City is seeking firms with documented and verifiable experience in assisting with the execution and development of EPA assessments, clean-ups, and brownfield clean-up revolving loan programs, and the development of potential future grant applications.  The Selected Provider must be qualified to complete Brownfield (environmental) assessments and produce efficient and effective clean-up plans, as well as being capable of providing grant program assistance and other related services to the City of East Point.

The objectives of the City in issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to the Public is to complete the following items in a professional and timely manner:

  • Develop a successful efficient and effective Brownfields initiative by assisting the City with development, implementation, and management of the awarded FY2019 Grant.
  • Encourage and facilitate community involvement in the Brownfields process.
  • Carry out assessment and cleanup planning activities upon award.
  • Facilitate reuse planning meetings and develop concept level redevelopment options.
  • Assist the City with the preparation of a FY2020 EPA Brownfield Assessment grant application
  • Identify and pursue other Brownfields funding opportunities.

The Selected Provider will also be tasked with providing support in the identification of potential funding sources for the City which shall include identifying and assisting with the management of viable grant applications in support of the Brownfield Assessment grant.

At the very minimum, the City anticipates that the Selected Provider will be tasked with the completion of the following during the term of the Contract:

  • Program management and administration
  • Property identification and inventory
  • Site characterization and assessment activities
  • Community involvement assistance
  • Clean-up and remediation activities
  • Brownfield Grant application assistance
  • Other Brownfield-related duties
  • Other grant-related duties in support of the Brownfield Assessment Grant

The awarded Contract shall commence upon the date of the formal execution of the Contract by the last party, and / or upon the date mutually agreed upon by all parties, and shall continue in force for the City’s current Fiscal Year and for two (2) Fiscal Years thereafter.  The Contract shall remain in effect throughout its term without an amendment in prices or terms or conditions.

In the event the proper appropriations of funds for continuation of the Contract are not available in any Fiscal Year after the first (1st) Fiscal Year, the Contract shall be terminated.  In such instance, the City shall, within thirty (30) calendar days following the beginning of the Fiscal Year for which proper appropriation is not available, provide the Selected Provider with a written notification that funding for the continuation of the Contract has not been appropriated by the City.

The Selected Provider shall have the sole responsibility for any services provided and will be solely responsible for the performance of or the quality of the services provided by any third-parties (subcontractors) utilized by them during the term of the Contract to deliver any of the services requested by the City.

Specifics regarding the City’s solicitation terms and conditions and the City’s requirements and expectations in regards to this Contract are contained in the solicitation documents.

Anticipated Solicitation Timeline:

Issuance Date to Public: By Close of Business on Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Deadline for Inquiries: No Later Than Twelve o’clock Noon (12:00 P.M.) on Thursday, September 5, 2019
Deadline for Issuance of Public Addenda: No Later Than Close of Business on Friday, September 13, 2019
RFP Due Date: No Later Than 3:00 P.M. on Friday, September 27, 2019

Obtaining Solicitation Documents:

Individuals / firms wishing to participate in this solicitation may download a copy of the official documents directly from the City’s website.  Please see “Available Documents” listed on the right-hand side of the bottom of this page.  From the list under this heading, choose the document you wish to downloaded and double click on it.  The downloading of City solicitation documents and associated materials is made available without charge.

Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer and is required in order to view and print the downloaded documents.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, it may be downloaded for FREE from the following web site: http://www.adobe.com.  (NOTE: The City of East Point has no affiliation whatsoever with the developers or suppliers of Adobe Reader and has made this link available as a convenience to our Vendors.  The City of East Point assumes no liability by making this link available, and all those who use the recommended website to download materials do so completely at their own risk.)

Solicitation documents cannot be obtained in person from the City nor by mail, email, fax, or courier service.

Plan Holders’ Listing:

Since Prospective Providers may download solicitation documentation directly from the City’s web site, a Plan Holders Listing is not available for this or any other City solicitation.  If applicable, a Pre-Bid Conference Sign-In Sheet or a Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-In Sheet shall be posted on this website after the date of the meeting.

RFP Due Date:

Unless otherwise amended, bid responses prepared as requested in the City’s Invitation to Bid (ITB) shall be received on behalf of the City until 3:00 P.M. on Friday, September 27, 2019, at the First Floor Reception Desk, City Hall, 2757 East Point Street, East Point, Georgia 30344.

Contracts and Procurement Business Hours:

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday with the exception of City-observed holidays.

Contact Person:

Dena Y. Ray, Contract Specialist
Contracts and Procurement
2757 East Point Street
East Point, Georgia 30344
Office: (404) 270-7138
Fax: (404) 270-7824
Email: dray@EastPointCity.org