RFP 2018-1650 Contract for Professional Station Management and Videography Services

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RFP 2018-1650
Contract for Professional Station Management and Videography Services
Professional Services
09/01/2017 3:00 PM

The City is soliciting sealed proposals from experienced and qualified Service Providers who are interested in entering into a Contract to operate a government cable channel, known as EPTV Channel 22, and the City’s TV studio facility to deliver community news and relevant information to the residents of East Point, Georgia.

In brief, the City is soliciting sealed proposals from experienced and qualified Service Providers who are cable and able to provide the following services to the City:

  • Assume management control of EPTV Channel 22 on the Comcast Cable Television Network which broadcasts within the City of East Point;
  • Take full responsibility for the City-owned equipment now housed in the City’s current TV Studio Facility.
  • Recommend facility improvements and provide leadership and direction for ongoing facility and equipment upgrades.

In issuing this solicitation, the City is seeking a Provider who shall be very proactive in their approach and who shall be genuinely committed to assisting the City in the development of the professionalism of City-produced media and the improvement of Channel 22’s broadcast content.

The Selected Provider shall have the sole responsibility for any services provided, any and all support provided, and will be solely responsible for the performance of and the quality of the work provided by any third-parties (subcontractors) utilized by them during the term of the Contract to deliver any of the services requested by the City.

This RFP is complex in nature, requires your immediate attention to generate a timely response, and will require your careful attention to the requirements in order to be in full compliance.  The City’s minimum requirements for this solicitation and the City’s expectations are detailed in the solicitation documents.

Length of Contract

The Contract associated with this RFP shall commence upon the date of the formal execution of the Contract by the Selected Provider(s) and shall remain in effect throughout its term without any amendments in prices or terms or conditions.  The initial term of this Contract shall be for the remainder of the City’s Fiscal Year 2018, all of Fiscal Year 2019, and all of Fiscal Year 2020.

Obtaining Bid Documents

Individuals / firms wishing to participate in this RFP may download a copy of the official documents directly from the City’s website.  Please see “Available Documents” listed on the right-hand side of the bottom of this page.  From the list under this heading, choose the document you wish to downloaded and double click on it.  The downloading of City solicitation documents and associated materials is made available without charge.

Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer and is required in order to view and print the downloaded documents.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, it may be downloaded for FREE from the following web site: http://www.adobe.com.  (NOTE: The City of East Point has no affiliation whatsoever with the developers or suppliers of Adobe Reader and has made this link available as a convenience to our Vendors.  The City of East Point assumes no liability by making this link available, and all those who use the recommended website to download materials do so completely at their own risk.)

Bid documents cannot be obtained in person from the City nor by mail, email, fax, or courier service.

Plan Holders Listing

Since Prospective Providers may download solicitation documentation directly from the City’s web site, a Plan Holders Listing is not available for this or any other City solicitation.  If applicable, a Pre-Bid Conference Sign-In Sheet or a Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-In Sheet shall be posted on this website after the date of the meeting.

Solicitation Due Date

Unless otherwise amended, sealed bid responses prepared and formatted as specified by the City shall be received on behalf of the City until 3:00 P.M. on Friday, September 1, 2017, in the Contracts and Procurement Office located in Suite 400, 1526 East Forrest Avenue, East Point, Georgia 30344.

This is a solicitation for sealed solicitations only and shall be awarded to the overall best-valued Provider based upon the scoring criteria presented in the solicitation documents. Oral, telephoned, telegraphed, faxed, emailed or otherwise unsealed responses shall be considered invalid and shall not be given any type of award consideration by the City.

Contact Person

Dena Ray, Contract Specialist
Contracts and Procurement
1526 East Forrest Avenue, Suite 400
East Point, Georgia 30344
Office: (404) 270-7138
Fax: (404) 270 -7824
Email: dray@EastPointCity.org