ITB 2017-1607-A Contract for the Removal and Replacement of Garage Doors at Fire Station #2

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ITB 2017-1607-A
Contract for the Removal and Replacement of Garage Doors for Fire Station #2
Construction Services
02/10/2017 3:30 PM
03/09/2017 3:30 PM

The City of East Point, Georgia (hereafter referred to as “the City”), is soliciting sealed bids from experienced and qualified Service Providers who are interested in entering into a Contract for the removal and replacement of garage doors at Fire Station #2. This work for the City will be accomplished at 3171 Norman Berry Drive, East Point, GA 30344. The Work performed by the Selected Provider must meet or exceed the City specifications contained herein. The replacement of the garage doors by the Selected Provider must be consistent with the parts, manufacturers’ instructions for this type of Work and must be consistent with best industry standards and practices.

The Selected Provider will be responsible for providing any and all parts, components, materials, supplies, tools, machinery, or heavy-lifting equipment that may be necessary or needed to perform the replacement of the garage doors in a safe, competent, and professional manner. In addition, the Selected Provider must provide any and all administration, supervision and man power necessary or needed to perform the replacement of the garage doors in a safe, competent, and professional manner.

The formal solicitation package may be obtained directly from this website. See “Related Documents” at the bottom of this page. Solicitation documents cannot be obtained in person from the City nor by mail, email, fax, or courier service. Sealed proposals shall be received on behalf of the City until 3:30 P.M. on Thursday, March 9, 2017 in the Contracts and Procurement Office, Suite 400, 1526 East Forrest Avenue, East Point, Georgia 30344.

This is a request for sealed proposals ONLY.  Oral, telephoned, telegraphed, faxed, emailed, or otherwise unsealed responses shall be considered invalid and shall not be given any type of award consideration by the City.  In addition, quotations or prices for the goods and / or services and / or work that are submitted by a Prospective Provider in a form or format other than the form or format stipulated in the official solicitation package shall not be accepted by the City for award consideration.

Submittal Information

Sealed Proposals ONLY; Quotes without a prepared submittal will be rejected.

Plan Holder’s List

Since Prospective Providers may download solicitation documentation directly from the City’s web site, a Plan Holder’s List is not available for this or any other City solicitation. If applicable, a Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-In Sheet shall be posted on this web site after the date of the meeting.


In order to participate in this solicitation, a Prospective Provider must have completed a minimum of three (3) comparably sized replacement Projects of a similar scope and magnitude during the past ten (10) years.

Special Requirements

A MANDATORY Pre-Bid Conference / Sites Visit will be conducted at 3:00 P.M. on Friday, July 29, 2016, in Suite 400 at 1526 East Forrest Avenue, East Point Georgia 30344. Participants are expected to arrive on time as those who are late shall be barred from attending. Providers who do not attend or are barred from the Pre-Bid Conference / Site Visit shall be prohibited from participating in this solicitation.

Contact Person

Tron D. Jones, Contract Specialist
Contracts and Procurement
1526 East Forrest Avenue, Suite 400
East Point, Georgia 30344
Office: (404) 559-6375
Fax: (404) 270-7824