Councilmember Alexander Gothard

  Councilmember Alexander Gothard
                          Ward A

Term: January 2016 – December 2019

Councilmember (CM) Alexander Gothard is a graduate of Northern Illinois University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. After completion of his undergraduate education, CM Gothard was employed as the State Manager of Field Operations where he managed three states at the age of 23, including Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. His duties included helping to assess the risk of both residential and commercial buildings for the insurance industry.

CM Gothard has called East Point home since 2008. Upon arriving to Georgia, CM Gothard served as Program Supervisor for then Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s Youth Program until 2011. In that capacity, he oversaw The City of Atlanta’s Fire and Police Cadet programs. CM Gothard also worked with high school and college students, helping them secure summer employment, and an effective means of paying the rising costs of a college education.

CM Gothard is an active participant in grass roots community organizations, including the Men of Intelligence Association, Gate City Lodge No. 42, NET Impact (Georgia Tech affiliate organization), Lead Fellow at Georgia Tech, and former secretary of the Concerned Citizens of East Point. In 2012, CM Gothard became the youngest elected official to ever serve the City of East Point.

Taking his position very seriously, CM Gothard has used his time in office to address many important community issues; some new and others long standing. Gothard led the charge to finally restore Center Park after years of devastating flood waters. In addition, he successfully secured funding and helped organize the demolition of the dilapidated DeLowe Place Apartments, and collaborated with other community leaders to pass “Ban the Box” fair criminal screening legislation, and so much more.

CM Gothard is a disciplined Stock and Futures Trader as well as an avid real estate investor. He enjoys finding distressed properties and bringing them back to life. CM Gothard is pursuing an MBA in finance from Georgia Tech and plans to graduate in 2017. Some of his other interests include architecture, travel, and playing various sports. He considers himself a student of life and enjoys listening and helping find solutions to challenges the community faces.