Solid Waste > Yard Trimming

Article A – In General
Sec. 7-2001. – Definitions.

Yard trimmings is defined as leaves, brush, grass, weeds, shrub and tree pruning no longer than five (5) feet in length or more than five (5) inches in diameter, Christmas trees, and vegetative residuals and matter resulting from landscaping development and maintenance other than mining, agricultural and silvicultural operations. (Ord. No. 023-13, 8-19-13)

Sec. 7-2002. – Container – Deposit of Solid Waste; Deposit of Yard Trimmings; Requirements.

Yard trimmings shall not be placed in a plastic bag but, shall be placed in water tight paper bags or cardboard boxes which, when full, do not exceed fifty (50) pounds. [Yard Debris can also be placed in a 35 gal plastic garbage container and collected at no charge]

Sec. 7-2003. – Same – Location.

Solid waste and yard trimmings shall be separated and placed on curbside in front of residence or business, or other place designated by the sanitation department of the city, no earlier than 5:00 p.m. of the day prior to the schedule pickup. Tree trimming from the yard would be considered “bulk pickup” with a fee if a request for removal is made by the resident or a violation has been issued.

Available options for a ”No Charge” Pickup if the Yard Trimmings are placed in the following:
  • Cardboard Box – not to exceed 50 lbs. per box
  • Cut to Ordinance Length, Bundled and Tied – 5 ft. length by 5 in. diameter
  • Paper Leaf Bags – not to exceed 50 lbs. per bag
  • Plastic Garbage Container – not to exceed 35 gal per container
Containerized and Bundled Yard Trimmings in the photos below will “NOT BE CHARGE” for pickup.
The Yard Trimmings in the photos below will “BE CHARGED” a bulk pickup fee.