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Radon Education Program



Radon Information

Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer in the USA, after tobacco smoke. It kills nearly 22,000 people each year, more than 800 of them in Georgia. Radon is an odorless, invisible and tasteless gas released by the natural decay of uranium in our soils and rocks that easily enters our homes through the foundations and well water. Test your home today! You can prevent and reduce entry of Radon into your home!

Radon is Real!

How to order a Radon Test Kit

To order a home radon test kit, please print out the order form at the University of Georgia Radon Education website. A kit costs $10.00 if mailed or $8.00 if picked up at a participating County Extension office.

How to use a home Radon Test Kit: Video

Georgia EPA Map of Radon Zones       


Radon Contact Information

Georgia Department of Community Affairs 
60 Executive Park South, N.E. 
Atlanta, Georgia 30329-2231


City of East Point Water & Sewer Dept.

Commercial Pretreatment Division

Melissa Echevarria, Environmental Compliance Manager




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