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Contracts and Procurement
The City of East Point's Contracts and Procurement Division is located in the Jefferson Station location. Our address is:

1526 East Forrest Avenue
Suite 400
East Point, Georgia 30344

Staff telephone numbers and email addresses may be obtained under the "Staff Directory" section.  Staff members are available to personally assist you from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, with the exception of City-observed holidays.

The Contracts and Procurement Division's fax number is 404.270.7824.  When faxing members of Contracts and Procurement, it is advisable to use a cover sheet to ensure your correspondence is received by the correct individual within the division.

The City of East Point Georgia has selected GovDeals (, a state-of-the-art, online auction service dedicated to City, County and State governments and agencies, to conduct online sales of the City’s surplus equipment and assets.

GovDeals provides state-of-the-art online auction services to governmental entities throughout the United States.  Founded in 1999, GovDeals is a division of Informs, Inc. (Information Management Specialists) which has provided custom purchasing and procurement software solutions to governments for over 27 years.

East Point joins over 180 governments in Georgia, including 80 cities, and over 1,400 governments nationwide that have adopted GovDeals’ online auction solution.  GovDeals is specifically designed to enable governmental entities and their agencies the ability to sell surplus and confiscated vehicles, assets and property over the Internet, as well as to support redistribution of excess assets within public institutions.

Selling surplus property online ensures that the City of East Point receives the best prices possible for retired vehicles, unused equipment and other surplus City property.  There is also the added benefit of being able to sell property year-round instead of collecting the property and waiting for a once or twice a year on-site action.  This reduces the City’s storage requirements and keeps depreciation costs as low as possible.

GovDeals is endorsed by the Georgia Municipal Association (GAMA) and the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia as strategic partners offering online auction services to members.

Bidders can register free of charge at the GovDeals website  A waiting period of up to forty-eight (48) hours may be experienced by first time bidders, so those interested in participating are encouraged to register early.  Click on "New Bidder Register FREE!" in the upper right-hand corner of the opening page, or telephone 1.800.613.0156 for personal assistance.  Please visit for more information.
Items offered for auction by the City shall include cars, trucks, heavy equipment, computers, office equipment, office furniture, electrical components, etc.  Single items and grouped lots shall be offered for bid.  Unfortunately, the City cannot break grouped lots into smaller lots or individual items for the convenience of bidders.  Grouped lots are an "all or nothing" proposition.

Bidders are encouraged to make arrangements to examine the offerings in person prior to submitting a bid as all items are sold by the City in an "as is" condition and do not come with any type of warranty or guarantee whatsoever.  Information regarding how to make arrangements with the City to view auction items is available on the web site.

Support your city and get a deal in the bargain by bidding early and bidding often!! For your convenience a link to the GovDeals' web site is provided below.

Warehouse functions such as Shipping and Receiving are conducted from the City's warehouse.  The City's warehouse is located at 3120 Bayard Street, East Point, Georgia 30344.  The hours of operation for the City's warehouse are 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday with the exception of City-observed holidays.  Telephone numbers for warehouse personnel are located in the department's staff directory.

All current sealed bid opportunities are advertised to the Public on this web site under the "Bids" section.  A link to the "Bids" section is found in the certer column of the web site's Home Page under "Featured Links".  In addition, current solicitations may be accessed from any web site page.  On the dark green bar located at the top of each page select "Departments", then "Contracts and Procurement" and then "Bids". 

All current sealed bid opportunities are advertised to the Public on the State of Georgia's Procurement Registry web site, in the Marketplace section on the Georgia Local Government Access (GLGA) web site, on the BidNet network of web sites, on the RFP Depot web site, on the RFP Database web site, as well as many others. 

Businesses and residents in the area shall be kept informed about sealed bid opportunities through the publication of Public Notices in the South Fulton edition of the Neighbor Newspaper.  The South Fulton edition of the Neighbor Newspaper is locally distributed, free of charge, each Wednesday.

Under most circumstances, Prospective Providers and Vendors who wish to participate in a sealed solicitation are NOT required to pre-register or pre-qualify with the City.  However, to make the most of FREE business opportunities and FREE business leads, Prospective Providers and Vendors are encouraged to register as a Vendor on the State of Georgia's Procurement Registry or the Team Georgia Marketplace.  Registered Providers and Vendors receive periodic email notifications of bid opportunities not only from the City of East Point, but from other cities throughout the State of Georgia as well.  For your convenience, a link to the Georgia Procurement Registry / Team Georgia Marketplace is provided below.  Take a moment to register and maximize your business opportunities today! 

Team Marketplace Georgia / Georgia Procurement Registry

If scheduled as part of the solicitation process, the time, date and location of Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Conferences and Site Visits will be provided in the solicitation package and notated on the various web sites.  Like the time and date, the location of Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Conferences may change from solicitation to solicitation, as the City does not have a "standard" conference location.

Based upon the information provided in the solicitation package, it is expected that attendees will obtain directions to the Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference well in advance of the Conference date and will make arrangements to arrive on time and dressed in a manner that is indicative of the prevailing weather conditions.  Unfortunately, the City cannot provide written or verbal directions to the Conference on the day of the Conference.
The City conducts two (2) different types of Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Conferences: Elective and Mandatory.  Each solicitation package will designate the type of Conference that is to be held by the City.  An Elective Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference may or may not be attended by Perspective Providers and Vendors and will have no bearing whatsoever on the qualification of a particular Provider or Vendor to participate in the solicitation process.  On the other hand, a Mandatory Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference MUST be attended by a Prospective Provider or Vendor as part of qualifying process in order to participate in the soliciation.

Prospective Providers or Vendors who arrive late to attend an Elective Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference will be permitted to enter the Conference late, but items discussed prior to their arrival will not be repeated.

Prospective Provider or Vendors who arrive late to attend a Mandatory Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference will NOT be permitted to enter the conference late, and will be barred from participating in the solicitation.

Note taking is encouraged as minutes of the Conferences will not be prepared or distributed by the City.  Some conferences will include a Site Visit.  In most cases, in order to attend the Site Visit, the Prospective Provider or Vendor must also attend the Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference.  If a Site Visit is planned as part of the Conference, attendees will be advised of such in the solicitation package and will be advised to dress for the circumstances and the weather.

Photographs and measurements may be taken during Site Visits unless the solicitation documents state otherwise.  Out of courtesy and respect of others, all Prospective Providers are requested to refrain from taking pictures of other Conference attendees, East Point citizens, City employees or other individuals who may be in the vacinity of the Site Visit. 

Copies of the solicitation documents, drawings, specifications, etc., will NOT be available or distributed to the Public at Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conferences.  Attendees are asked to download the documents from this web site prior to attending the Conference and to come prepared to discuss the details of the solicitation package.

Prospective Providers or Vendors are expected to carefully review the City's solicitation documents and should promptly notify the City's Contracts and Procurement Division, in writing, of any and all ambiguities, inconsistencies, unduly restrictive specifications or errors that may be discovered upon examination of any solicitation documents.

The Contracts and Procurement Divsion may be contacted by email at or by fax at 404.270.7824.  All correspondence must reference the applicable Bid Number and be as specific as possible in describing the page number, location and manner of the suspected ambiguity, inconsistency, restrictive specification or error.

If communication with the Contracts and Procurement Division is achieved via facsimile, please include a cover sheet to ensure proper receipt of the correspondence by the responsible staff member.

Requests for additional information, specific RFI's, amendment of the solicitation specifications or requirements, or for an extension of the solicitation Due Date must be submitted in writing to the attention of the designated Contracts and Procurement Division staff member responsible at 1526 East Forrest Avenue, Suite 400, East Point, Georgia 30344.

If the requests are submitted to the City via U. S. Postal Service or delivered via courier or delivery service (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), the outside of the delivery envelope must clearly state "Inquiry Enclosed" to differentiate such parcels from those containing final solicitation submittals. The deadline for the submission of inquiries will be contained in each solicitation package.

Electronically submitted (faxed and / or emailed) requests for changes and / or time extensions shall be given consideration by the City if they are concise, clearly worded and submitted to the City in a timely manner.

Any inquiries that are received by the Contracts and Procurement staff that are deemed to have an effect upon the unbiased selection of the Prospective Provider or Vendor, the solicitation process or the award of the Contract, and are received in a timely manner, shall be answered by the City in formal, numbered addenda issued by the City of East Point, Georgia.

The City reserves the right to not respond to inquiries that are received after the Inquiry Deadline stipulated in the solicitation document, or to those whose answers are contained in the solicitation documents or those that are deemed inconsequential or trivial in nature, and to limit the number of inquiries from any or all Prospective Providers or Vendors if such inquiries become too numerous, too time consuming or too over-bearing to process in an expedient manner.

The City usually posts addendums on the City's web site no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the established or amended solicitation Due Date.

Responses to solicitations for sealed bids or sealed proposals must be submitted according to the instructions provided in the solicitation document.  With very few exceptions, the responses to most sealed solicitations will be received at 1526 East Forrest Avenue, Suite 400, East Point, Georgia 30344.

Sealed responses that are delivered to the wrong address, wrong building, wrong location, arrive after the time listed for the Due Date shall not be opened or given award consideration by the City.  Likewise, responses that are received in a unsealed condition shall not be read or given award consideration.

An electronic response, such as a fax or an email, is NOT consider a valid response for a sealed bid or sealed proposal solicitation.

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