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Budget Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is open enrollment for budget billing?
The Budget Billing program will begin Year Round Open Enrollment December 5, 2011.

Q. What can budget billing do for me?
The budget billing program can help you by reducing the seasonal fluctuation of your utility bill for all services provided by the City of East Point.  Each month, for 12 total months, you will have a set utility bill.

Q. Who is eligible for electric budget billing?
Residential customers in good standing with no delinquent payments in their payment record for a one (1) year period may chose to sign up for budget billing for a full 12 month period.

Q. How does electric Budget billing work?
Budget Billing is based on average of your actual consumption for the last 12 months. You will be billed in equal amounts for 12 months.

Q. What if I consume a different amount than I did last year?
On the anniversary date of your sign-up (12th bill), your bill will be recalculated according to your actual consumption.

Q. What happens if a customer overpays their monthly budget amount?
If, during the past 12 months, your budget charges are more than your actual; your overpayment will be applied to your account as a credit.

Q. What happens if a customer underpays their monthly budget amount?

If, during the past 12 months, your budget charges are less than your actual; a charge for the difference will appear on your 12th bill and is due and payable on the due date of your billing statement.

Q. What happens if I become delinquent on my bill?

Delinquent accounts are not eligible for the budget billing program. An account that becomes delinquent will be removed from the budget billing program.

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