East Point Fire : Frequently Asked Questions

Remain calm. Turn on your signal, and safely pull to the right. Remember that a Fire Truck cannot stop as quickly as your vehicle. Avoid making sudden movements.

There is no cost for services received from the Fire Department. These services are funded from the tax base of the City of East Point. If you or a family member are transported to a medical facility, the private transport provider will charge for services.

The leading cause of fires in the home are improper usage of portable heaters and candles, storage of opened gas cans near the hot water heater, unattended fireplaces and smoking in bed. During the holiday season, another cause of fires are unattended Christmas trees.

Call the Fire Department at (404) 559-6401 to schedule a free home inspection.

To obtain a Fire Report, contact the Fire Prevention Division at (404) 559-6401. A State approved ID and proof of residency will be required to receive the report. The report can be picked up at 2727 East Point Street, East Point, GA, 30344 (in the Law Enforcement Center).

No. There is a year round ban within the City limits of East Point.

Contact our Administrative office at (404) 559-6401. There are certain qualifications that must be met.

Yes. To schedule, contact our Training Division at (404) 559-6401.

Blood pressure checks are available at any of our Fire Station Locations.

Yes. A Certificate of Occupancy is required to start a business. To schedule, contact the City’s Department of Planning and Community Development at (404) 270-7030. Inspections are conducted every Tuesday between 9 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

An Inspector is looking to make certain that all means of egress (Exits from a room and building) are clear and to make sure that all required and proper type of fire protection is in place. In addition, inspectors check to make certain that all fire protection systems and equipment have been tested by a certified company.

Business inspections are conducted annually to make certain a business is free of possible fire hazards.

Extinguisher placement is determined by the hazards in the building.

The Fire Code requires at least a 3 (three) foot clearance.

The Fire Code determines the number of exits based up square feet of the business and the occupancy type.

The Fire Code determines the need for sprinklers and alarms based on the occupancy type and if the business is new or existing.

The Fire Code determines the need for emergency lights by occupancy type, and if the business is new or existing.

Please visit our Community Programs page for a comprehensive list of our offerings.

Residents of the City of East Point can call (404) 559-6401 to schedule an appointment for the installation of either detector.

Call the Customer Care Department (404) 270-7010.

No. Try leaving some food at the bottom of the tree and wait for the animal to come down on its own.