Contracts & Procurement : Surplus Municipal Goods

The City of East Point Georgia has selected GovDeals, a state-of-the-art, online auction service dedicated to City, County, and State governments and agencies, to conduct online sales of the City’s surplus equipment and assets.

GovDeals provides state-of-the-art online auction services to governmental entities throughout the United States. Founded in 1999, GovDeals is a division of Informs, Inc. (Information Management Specialists) which has provided custom purchasing and procurement software solutions to governments for over 27 years.

The City joins over 180 governments in Georgia, including 80 cities, and over 1,400 governments nationwide that have adopted GovDeals’ online auction solution. GovDeals is specifically designed to enable governmental entities and their agencies the ability to sell surplus and confiscated vehicles, assets, and property over the Internet, as well as to support redistribution of excess assets within public institutions. 

Selling surplus property online ensures that the City receives the best prices possible for retired vehicles, unused equipment, and other surplus City property. There is also the added benefit of being able to sell property year-round instead of collecting the property and waiting for a once or twice a year on-site action. This reduces the City’s storage requirements and keeps depreciation costs as low as possible. 

GovDeals is endorsed by the Georgia Municipal Association (GAMA) and the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia as strategic partners offering online auction services to members. 

Bidders can register free of charge at www.GovDeals.comA waiting period of up to forty-eight (48) hours may be experienced by first time bidders, so those interested in participating are encouraged to register early.  Click on “Register” in the red bar across the top of the opening page, or telephone 1 (800) 613-0156 for personal assistance.

Items offered for auction by the City shall include cars, trucks, heavy equipment, computers, office equipment, office furniture, electrical components, etc. Single items and grouped lots shall be offered for bid. Unfortunately, the City cannot break grouped lots into smaller lots or individual items for the convenience of bidders. Grouped lots are an “all or nothing” proposition.

Bidders are encouraged to make arrangements to examine the offerings in person prior to submitting a bid as all items are sold by the City in an “as is” condition and do not come with any type of warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Information regarding how to make arrangements with the City to view auction items is available at:

Support your City and get a deal in the bargain by bidding early and bidding often!!