Contracts & Procurement : Solicitation Inquiries

Prospective Providers or Vendors are expected to carefully review the City’s solicitation documents and should promptly notify the City’s Contracts and Procurement Department, in writing, of any and all ambiguities, inconsistencies, unduly restrictive specifications or errors that may be discovered upon examination of any solicitation documents. 

The Contracts and Procurement Department may be contacted by email by sending a message to the attention of the designated Contracts and Procurement Department staff member or by fax at (404) 270-7824. A link on the “Staff Directory & Contact” page will provide connection to the Contracts and Procurement staff members. All correspondence must reference the applicable Bid Number and be as specific as possible in describing the page number, location, and manner of the suspected ambiguity, inconsistency, restrictive specification or error. If communication with the Contracts and Procurement Department is achieved via facsimile, please include a cover sheet to ensure proper receipt of the correspondence by the responsible staff member. 

Requests for additional information, specific RFI’s, amendment of the solicitation specifications or requirements, or for an extension of the solicitation Due Date must be submitted in writing to the attention of the designated Contracts and Procurement Department staff member responsible via either email, facsimile, or via courier or U.S. Postal Service at Jefferson Stations: 1526 East Forrest Avenue, Suite 400, East Point, Georgia 30344. 

If the requests are submitted to the City via U. S. Postal Service or delivered via courier or delivery service (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), the outside of the delivery envelope must clearly state “Inquiry Enclosed” to differentiate such parcels from those containing final solicitation submittals. The deadline for the submission of inquiries will be contained in each solicitation package. Electronically submitted (faxed and/or emailed) requests for changes and/or time extensions shall be given consideration by the City if they are concise, clearly worded and submitted to the City in a timely manner.

Any inquiries that are received by the Contracts and Procurement staff that are deemed to have an effect upon the unbiased selection of the Prospective Provider or Vendor, the solicitation process or the award of the Contract, and are received in a timely manner, shall be answered by the City in formal, numbered addenda issued by the City of East Point, Georgia. 

The City reserves the right to not respond to inquiries that are received after the Inquiry Deadline stipulated in the solicitation document, or to those whose answers are contained in the solicitation documents or those that are deemed inconsequential or trivial in nature, and to limit the number of inquiries from any or all Prospective Providers or Vendors if such inquiries become too numerous, too time consuming or too over-bearing to process in an expedient manner. The City usually posts addendums on the City’s web site no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the established or amended solicitation Due Date.